Absence of Absolution


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released October 11, 2016

MISANDR - all instruments, samples, composition, recording, editing, and mixing
Garry Brents - mastering



all rights reserved


Misandr Anchorage, Alaska

Synarchic emanations produced by a blunt-force sonic oscilloscope from the upper reaches of a distorted sphere.

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Track Name: Pervert and Progress
As we pervert and progress beyond your atavistic intent I hope you know the future will drown you

you insignificant bigots
Track Name: Infiltrate and Infect
Why are you so infiltrated
you were full of hope, but still degraded
you had every right
to know the truth
but you won't see what's in front of you

I can't deny that I'm tired of your sighs
my immunity is weakening
in guise of vaccine
you bring disease
and there's no cure that I can see

in your mind you breathe release
from a sea of apathy
you design your perfect world
where the masses raise your banner

the waves of time are swirling now
and your cruel joke
is outward bound
Track Name: Refuge of Rot and Rock
I am a child born of rain and rock
sea and stone
tree and tempest
I dwell between the seasons

summer will blister
and winter will burn
an absent sense of self in the rot
I exist for the lash of the rain
the hammer of the storm

I find solace in the clouds and the waves
never to bask in the light of the sun
my flesh ever reeks of salt and sap
a terror without end

ideals and utopias
flirt with despond
and forever
in the infantile dark
I struggle to become more than this

another feeble voice shouting at fog